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$15 Top Cybersecurity Threats & Their Solutions for 2020

$15 top cybersecurity threats in 2020 & beyond

Cybersecurity is imperative all year long

$16 critical steps to security

$12020 Cloud Security Report

Ongoing Data Security Efforts:

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The Top 25 Cybersecurity Companies of 2019

The software report is pleased to announce the top 25 cybersecurity companies of 2019. For the past two months, we collected hundreds of nominations from professionals in the cybersecurity field.


They provided their candid feedback on the strength of each company's technology, caliber of the company's organization, management team effectiveness and ability to stay ahead of the latest cybersecurity threats, among other attributes.

I’m a strong believer in the wisdom of the crowd when it comes to technology. This is particularly true in a crowded field like endpoint protection software. The crowd that i turned to for this assignment is on it central station , a leading review site for enterprise technology. What i learned from the reviews there is that sentinelone is one of the top-ranked companies in a trending area within cybersecurity.

5 Top Cybersecurity Threats & Their Solutions for 2020

The stop. Think. Connect. Campaign is a national public awareness campaign aimed at increasing the understanding of cyber threats and empowering the american public to be safer and more secure online. Cybersecurity is a shared responsibility.


We each have to do our part to keep the internet safe. When we all take simple steps to be safer online, it makes using the internet a more secure experience for everyone. The campaign provides free resources available to everyone that are tailored Cyber Security to multiple demographics, including small businesses, students, educators and parents, and many others.

In cybersecurity, the landscape will remain dynamic and fluid for the foreseeable future. We thrive in solving the messy and complex challenges that can distract from your big picture goals. You need a comprehensive approach to protect against today's advanced threats. Our experts can help you maximize your investment in cybersecurity. We’ll help you design a holistic security strategy utilizing multilayered solutions to keep your data secure.

| source: orbis research

dallas, texas, feb. 29, 2020 (globe newswire) -- global industrial cybersecurity solutions market in-depth analysis 2020:

the driving factors influencing the global industrial cybersecurity solutions market includes increasing phishing threats and malware, growing adoption of internet of things (iot) and bring your own device (byod) in the organizations, increasing demand of cloud based cyber security solutions, constant need of industry standards, complexities, and regulations for device security. With the increasing popularity of cyber security, the activities are being highly aligned and prioritized to strategic business activities to reduce the loss of it resources.

Tag solutions is a specialized cybersecurity consulting firm that works with ceos, cios, cisos and it managers to enhance their security posture, defend against threats and mitigate risk. ​ceos , cios and cisos look to tag solutions when:

• nervous about satisfying organizational or regulated compliance requirements

• tired of constant business interruptions that are the result of virus and malware outbreaks.

Aba endorsed cybersecurity solutions help banks prevent and respond to threats to bank systems inherent from operating in today’s digital age.

All cyber security solutions today must be focused on one overriding objective: cyber security resilience. With new cyber threats and vulnerabilities showing up on the horizon almost daily, it's impractical to expect your cyber security solutions to stop all threats 100% of the time. In all likelihood, your organization will fail to stop an attack at some moment in the future.

Cyberattacks and cyberthreats are continuously increasing. From ransomware to spam and from viruses to data protection, we have the portfolio of cybersecurity solutions to protect your business in toronto against cyber threats and secure your business data from attacks and natural disasters.

5 top cybersecurity threats in 2020 & beyond

1. The complete cyber security course for beginners : hackers exposed (udemy)

it is safe to say that cybersecurity is one of the most sought-after profession today. Primarily aimed at beginners this course covers the fundamental building blocks of the required skill set. You will gain an idea about the threats and vulnerability landscape through threat modeling and risk assessment.


Commence with the very basics and gradually move on to more advanced concepts. Explore the dark net and understand the mindset of cyber criminals, learn about global tracking and hacking infrastructures among the key topics. By the end of the classes, you will be able to secure data, system and safeguard your identity. Check our compilation of best ethical hacking courses.

Cybersecurity is imperative all year long

C-suite executives and other managers need to be involved with cybersecurity, even if they do not belong to the it department. Simply informing executive management of your overarching cybersecurity practices once a year is no longer enough.

The saas-delivered security solution market exploded over the last five to ten years. As organizations moved their mission-critical business operations to the cloud, cybercriminals focused their activities on these resources. Interestingly, a cnbc article from july 14, 2020 noted that for the first half of 2020, the number of reported data breaches dropped by 33%. Meanwhile, another cnbc article from july 29, 2020 notes that during the first quarter, large scale data breaches increased by 273% compared to the same time period in 2019. Although the data appears conflicting, the identity theft research center research that informed the july 14th article specifically notes, “this is not expected to be a long-term trend as threat actors are likely to return to more traditional attack patterns to replace and update identity information needed to commit future identity and financial crimes. ” in short, rapidly closing security gaps as part of a 2021 cybersecurity budget plan needs to include the fast wins that saas-delivered solutions provide.

6 critical steps to security

The cyber security and assurance program at bccc emphasizes the need to build a wall between our private information and those who seek to exploit it. Recurring events such as virus and worm attacks – and the recent success of online attacks committed by hackers or other cyber criminals – have revealed weaknesses in current information technologies and the need to heighten the security of these critical systems. Students will gain practical experience in understanding threats and dangers, assessing security and analyzing a wide range of businesses, and the steps needed to mitigate these vulnerabilities through state-of-the-art technology. The program prepares students for vendor-specific or commercially available security certification.

In february 2014, the national institute of standards and technology (nist) released version 1 of white house executive order 13636—cybersecurity framework, an initial structure for organizations, government, and customers to use in considering comprehensive cyber-security programs (wh, 2013). In april 2015 a nist presentation provided a status report on the evolving framework (nist, 2015). The framework broadly addresses the specific needs that are discussed in the previous section, but without the required specificity to illuminate the complexity associated with anticipatory physical system solutions. Past efforts to establish market incentives for improved information system cyber security illustrate the consequences of inaction, and also demonstrate the uncertainties and difficulties surrounding anticipatory actions. The example provided by information systems highlights the importance of initiating early data collection efforts so that incidents can be assessed for potential cyber attacks and confirmed attacks can be documented. With this evidence in hand, it will be easier to evaluate next-step responses and incentives for anticipatory forms of cyber security will be increased. As emphasized above, it will be difficult to motivate anticipatory solutions without confirmation that attacks on physical systems are actually occurring. The national highway safety traffic system (nhtsa), through guidance that they are providing for improving automobile-related cybersecurity, has taken encouraging steps to anticipate some of the needs addressed above (usdot, 2016). A potential sequence of events is that data collection starts early and provides incontrovertible evidence of attacks on physical systems, which then drives the development of the needed government, industry, and consumer relationships that underpin market incentives for investment in anticipatory cyber security. As suggested above, attacks on physical systems generally pose a much greater risk to human safety than attacks on information systems. Therefore it may be easier to motivate firms and policymakers to invest in physical system security, since potential consequences are so severe. The development of data curation processes that could promote the involvement of appropriate government, industry, and consumer groups appears to be a critical early step towards achieving market incentives.

Used by 32% of organizations, the cis critical security controls are a group of 20 actions designed to mitigate the threat of the majority of common cyber attacks. The controls were designed by a group of volunteer experts from a variety of fields, including cyber analysts, consultants, academics, and auditors. 8 steps to successfully implement the cis top 20 controls in your organization.

2020 Cloud Security Report

Top key players of cyber security market are covered in this report are:

ibm, microsoft, oracle, mcafee, cisco, and symantec

global cyber security market is segmented based by type, application and region. Based on type, the market has been segmented into:

by deployment type (cloud & on-premise), by solution (identity access management, end-point, web security, network, security & vulnerability management (svm), messaging, education & training, consulting, integration, managed services and others), by industry vertical (bfsi, ict, healthcare, government, manufacturing, retail and others).

Most cybersecurity solutions ignore the human element, focusing solely on reporting and alerting. In contrast, kx technology enables and augments the human data analyst, extending automated analysis tools with deep and immersive data exploration capabilities engineered to handle the volume, velocity, and variety of today's big data environment. The few siem solutions that can handle the volumes and complexities come at a heavy cost in terms of hardware, software, and maintenance. Enterprises need alternative big data security solutions that are robust and reliable while offering flexibility and scalability, as well as a low total cost of ownership. Kx technology, leveraging kdb+’s simplicity, performance, and scalability, can be configured to meet any cybersecurity need and can be deployed on-premises or in the cloud.

Ongoing Data Security Efforts:

Our cybersecurity analysts validate system configurations for compliance with dod and nist requirements, including nist sp 800-53 controls and nist sp 800-171 cui guidelines. We assess compliance at all stages of a system’s lifecycle through evaluation of network design, change/configuration management, compliance audits, vulnerability scanning, and penetration testing. Our cybersecurity specialists maintain awareness of new, critical cybersecurity threats, including zero days, advanced persistent threats, known backdoors, and current social engineering campaigns. We obtain this threat awareness through relationships with dod, federal, and commercial sources, to ensure that we understand the entire threat landscape prior to implementing system changes. We conduct thorough cybersecurity risk assessments to determine the current security baseline for each system. Cybersecurity risk assessments incorporate appropriate tests and mitigations for these new threats, along with continuous validation of the effectiveness of previously-applied mitigations. Our design, testing, and validation efforts ensure that government data is always secure while transiting or residing on contractor systems.

The national cyber security alliance, through safeonline. Org , recommends a top-down approach to cyber security in which corporate management leads the charge in prioritizing cyber security management across all business practices. Ncsa advises that companies must be prepared to “respond to the inevitable cyber incident, restore normal operations, and ensure that company assets and the company’s reputation are protected. ” ncsa’s guidelines for conducting cyber risk assessments focus on three key areas: identifying your organization’s “crown jewels,” or your most valuable information requiring protection; identifying the threats and risks facing that information; and outlining the damage your organization would incur should that data be lost or wrongfully exposed. Cyber risk assessments should also consider any regulations that impact the way your company collects, stores, and secures data, such as pci-dss , hipaa , sox , fisma , and others. Following a cyber risk assessment, develop and implement a plan to mitigate cyber risk, protect the “crown jewels” outlined in your assessment, and effectively detect and respond to security incidents. This plan should encompass both the processes and technologies required to build a mature cyber security program. An ever-evolving field, cyber security best practices must evolve to accommodate the increasingly sophisticated attacks carried out by attackers. Combining sound cyber security measures with an educated and security-minded employee base provides the best defense against cyber criminals attempting to gain access to your company’s sensitive data. While it may seem like a daunting task, start small and focus on your most sensitive data, scaling your efforts as your cyber program matures.

For anyone looking for a job in cybersecurity, the security+ certification should be viewed as the bare minimum qualification; having it will open the door to some awesome jobs:

the cybersecurity analyst is responsible for protecting both company networks and data. In addition to managing all ongoing security measures, the analyst is also responsible for responding to security breaches and protecting company hardware, such as employee computers.

Compliance & Security Assessments

Esecurity solutions has been providing information security solutions to businesses since 2003. We provide our solutions to customers across the u. S. We want be your cybersecurity partner and we can do that by providing a full complement of information security solutions that will help you to achieve your security goals. Starting with security risk assessments , we can audit your cybersecurity strategy and controls and provide you with a prioritized list of vulnerabilities and required solutions. Our expert managed security services offload the difficult and time consuming task of implementing and managing your information security. Our cybersecurity services are designed to meet your information security regulation compliance and other security objectives. We are fluent in all major cybersecurity regulations such as hipaa, pci, banking regulations, and international standards such as iso. Lastly, we provide cybersecurity products from the leading product vendors in the industry and then manage and support them to provide the best possible security.

Cybersecurity Solutions and Services

Telos offers cybersecurity solutions and services that empower and protect the world’s most security-conscious enterprises. Our pedigree in information and cybersecurity spans three decades. We conduct assessments for and defend the most-attacked networks in the world

telos professionals have conducted thousands of risk assessments worldwide

telos is the dominant commercial provider of risk management solutions to the federal government.

Organizations large or small can fall victim to a cybersecurity threat and nearly 70% of ransomware victims surveyed by ibm paid between $10k and $40k to retrieve their data. So robust prevention and rapid response must form the core of any data and network security program. Ccsi offers turnkey and custom cybersecurity solutions that feature field-tested products and services from proven vendors. Our consultative, vendor-agnostic approach provides multiple options for on-premise, virtual, and cloud-based deployment. We offer different service bundles to meet our client’s needs and custom packages are available.

President & co-ceo

ed silva is co-founder, president & co-ceo of centerpoint, a virginia-based technology company delivering the next generation in cybersecurity services and solutions. In addition to serving as co-ceo, mr. Silva is responsible for client delivery, corporate growth and the implementation of business development strategies. Prior to founding centerpoint, mr. Silva was senior executive for corporate business development for caci international inc. , a global multi-billion information solutions and services company. Mr. Silva joined caci through the company’s acquisition of idl solutions, where he was a partner and senior vice president.

Click here for more information about our cybersecurity solutions team, and here for more information about our technical and management consultants. Our team is focused where business leaders are focused—on practical and comprehensive solutions. Our integrated team of lawyers and technical professionals guide your organization end-to-end, from prevention to planning and response to cyber incidents. We work with you to conduct proactive assessments; train your staff; institute policies and procedures; and help you respond rapidly if an incident occurs. This suite of comprehensive services